Sunday, March 13, 2011

Saying by to my Bella

As you may have heard from my face book bella, the awesome kitty girl often mentioned in these posts got killed when I was out of town a few weeks ago. I was reading some of these posts and I miss her so. She was a great cat. I collected a bunch (like 128) pictures of her thru the years. Was going to make a video montage of pictures set to her song, but I havent had a chance. Her song is, "I can go the Distance" from Hercules. This song has been her song since 2006. Yep, the girl wore clothes, did tricks, opened doors, had a song, climbed screens, provided hours of love and cuddles and friendship to me and my lil man. I know she was sent to me for a purpose. She was awesome. Mouse, our cat we saved last year is really being so sweet and awesome. He is missing her too.
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We both have wiskers here. Hahahaha!

She's a cowgirl... baybeee!
First time meeting.. First time home. from the hospital. Love at first family squish!

She was Minnie Mouse. He was a Kangaroo. (With a baby. Ha)
Missionary Bella?


Posing as Mariana
Bella was a baby once, too.

And a pretty pretty princess.

"Let this kid roll off the bed?!! Not on my watch!!" said Bella


Jaime said...

Makes me want to cry!! What an awesome cat she was :) you were lucky to have her!

Jeaniece said...

That was a nice tribute to Bella...I love you