Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Cody is talking, Little Cody, that is...

Big Cody talks, too but it usually isn't anything to blog about.

I need to get some of little Cody's words down here so I will remember. He has a language articulation disorder. That is what they are calling it. (A few other things we are working on with an occupational therapist and so on.) We have been given a few tips and skills we can do to help him. After the 2+ hour screening appointment he decided he was going to start using some of the skills they were testing him on. So besides suddenly talking after being mostly silent of real words for the last 9 months he is also problem solving, identifying colors, putting 2 words together, and communicating better in general. I am really excited.

His word of the week when the girls were here last weekend was "mine." Everything was his, let me tell you. Mine mine mine mine. I thought he was a Finding Nemo Seagull.

This weekend his word was Gool. I love it. He is saying cool, but it comes out as gool. Sometimes he even draws it out. Gooool...

And today it was car. We went to Target and he pointed to every. single. car. car. car in the parking lot and told me it was a car.

He also has said with out prompting (in parenthesis is what is sounds like when he says it): Elephant, Butterfly (utterfly), dog (gog), please (peese), drink (ink), more, all done.

With prompting he says a lot more: Open, Plane, Amen, Cat (at), thank you, Bella, Stephanie (en-en-nee), gramma (gra-na).

He also will finish these phrases.. Ready... Set.. and he says..Go!! and there is 1...2...he says...reee!!

I am sure there is more. I am happy to see and hear these changes. He is so cute. He is so smart and fun. I can't wait tell he can express to me what he wants. He does say Woody and Buzz, too. This was at the Magic Time Machine Restaurant where all the wait staff dresses like a character. We love it!

And his hair has grown back!!


Judy Nebeker said...

Cute blog Shawndel! Love the pictures. Your family is so cute and I love the Team Mantor idea. Glad to hear the good news about little Cody!

McConnehey said...

That is so awesome!! You must get it on video!!

Jeaniece said...

Great blog....great news. I love you

korie said...

Love to hear all about you guys! Great job Cody!