Monday, June 7, 2010

Park adventure leads to mild injury and pain

The kids and I went on an adventure on Saturday. We wanted to find a good park with a nice playground in our area. We found 6 parks. We played at 3. All of the playgrounds in our area had signs that say they are for kids ages 5-12. My kids are not in that range as we have a 2 year old, a 13 year old and a 15 year old. So, we only used the playground at the ones we were the only ones at. It was a fun and funny adventure driving around using our Sprint Navigation to locate parks. But then tragedy struck. Or rather Mariana's legs struck. She was swinging along riding high minding her own business. I was sitting next to the swing set and just started talking on the phone to give my hubby an update as to where his family was when out of the blue appears Little Cody. Right where the swing would be sitting if it were unoccupied. However, since the swing was occupied it was not there it was up high in the sky. Every thing happened in a split second. I let out a scream. The swing and it's rider came down. Cody fell flat on his face. The swing was poised to come back. I grabbed the little ankles and pulled him to safety so he would not get hit again on the backward landing. Marian and the swing came to a halt. Stephanie (who had been right behind the boy, but not quick enough to prevent the whole thing) came running up. Alas, our park adventure day was coming to an end. We had fun. Cody will be ok. He is bruised and banged up but nothing is broken. He should be walking again by tomorrow. (Which will be day 3/4.)

Oh the joys and horrors of being a mom. I love my kids so much. I am so thankful he is ok.

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